The Arabic First Dance Song Guide

Ready, set, slow dance!

So far, you’ve walked down the aisle to the Piano guys or a Violin Cover. You’ve entered the reception hall to Fares Karam or Tony Kiwan. But there’s still a very important song to choose; the first dance. It’s time to hold your spouse in your arms and dance to a song that will make your guests’ eyes water and feel the nostalgia of that amazing night every time you hear it somewhere in the future. It’s much harder to find a first dance song in Arabic than it is in English, so that is why I’ve come up with a great list here:

I suggest you to hold on to your Husband or Wife to be and PRACTICE! If you can imagine yourself in the middle of a dance floor surrounded by all your guests. The song is right for you!

Oh, and make sure not forget the dry ice and indoor Sparklers to make your this particular moment more memorable!

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