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Indoor Cold Sparks - Ottawa/Gatineau

Safe Indoors

Dont be afraid to sparkle a little brighter

KRZ Productions exclusive Sparklers provide you with an exceptional display without all the hassle and worry of conventional pyrotechnics. Right here in the heart of the national capital (Ottawa, Gatineau & surrounding areas) Traditional pyrotechnics are extremely flammable and are very limited. Safety is always the number one concern when dealing with these types of effects. Which is why KRZ Productions can provide you with a safer, non flammable alternative.

Our machines are designed to be very smart and have multiple built-in safety protocols they also operate at very cool temperatures (16° to 20°; the sparks themselves are not flammable). These sparklers are safe to use at any venue, because they emit cold sparks which are not subject to catching fire and are fully customizable.You can control the sparks timing, volume and height which has never been able to be done with conventional pyrotechnics.

Whatever your special event, KRZ Productions is determined in providing you Sparklers that are newer, safer and customizable.

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KRZ Spraklers VS. Traditional Pyrotechnics

Would you like to have some fireworks effect in your show? Too dangerous to have pyrotechnics indoor? Our Sparklers are here to solve the problems. 

KRZ Sparklers

  • Without all of the danger associated with fireworks;

  • No use of flammable elements;

  • Producing about 90% less smoke and no odor behind;

  • Controlled by DMX or a Dedicated controller, and height and the volume of the sparks can be adjusted and a number of tricks like chases, bumps and other cool effects can be programmed;

  • Displaying at 18 degrees Celsius;

  • Perfect effect for both indoor and outdoor events, as well as small or large events.

  • Exclusive in the Ottawa/Gatineau Region!

Traditional Pyrotechnics

  • Dangerous for most situations; 

  • Requiring combustion and extreme levels of heat to operate;

  • Creating fire hazards to expel carcinogenic particles into the air;

  • Requiring every effect to be a single-shot pyrotechnic device;

  • Burn at a temperature of over 700 degrees Celsius;

  • Only outdoor venues and large arenas.