Award Winning Company For best DJ System 2018.

Ottawa Wedding Awards

Ottawa Wedding Awards For best DJ


Raising Standards, levelling up every event.

Next Level Lighting Effects

All our lighting effects are optimized to give you the best light show and vibe ON the dance floor

Mixers & Controllers

DJs look at me like damn he has the latest equipment! We also carry doubles of everything incase something happens.

Early Setups & Tear Down When Everyone Is Gone

We like to setup hours before the event so we have time to test everything

Top Quality Sound

ONLY the best sound system. (No high pitch sound at the end of the night in your ears) 

Time? We Got Time!

We don't care when the events ends. We act like your event planner and make sure everything is on time. 

Quality Control

All of our special effects are made for EVERY venue out there from our lights to our indoor sparklers.


Musical ear with higher standards.

DJ KVN ( DJ Kevin ) is the youngest Arabic DJ in the market today. His style of DJ includes all the hits his old folks used to hear, up to the new music trending RIGHT now! We call that an Open Format DJ.

He has the widest range of music there is when it comes to Arabic, French, Spanish & obviously English.

Founding the company after being a professional high end DJ for over 10 years in the Ottawa / Gatineau region.. Now it’s time to grow our skills for every type of events.

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Ottawa Wedding Entertainment - Arabic Dj


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